Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

greatest man ever.

tesla nikola photo not tesla motors

Good day random reader, you are probably wondering why would anyone use their energy to compile data that can already be found all over internet? Well, answer is simple really, i was angry when someone alowed this genius, or more to point his name to be stuck on some cars hood and used as brand leverage in so called Tesla Motors Company. So that was thing number one, but drop which spilled the cup was searching google on term about Tesla and as first result getting tesla motors company instead of genious who as they so offten say lit the world. That was it. So all of Tesla Societies and Groups out there, sorry no disrespect intended but it can and must be done better. Also i will say thanks to all that thanks is due and link to all originals but if i manage to infringe on somebody please say so and content in question will be removed.

Personal Nikola Tesla Time Directory was created 25.03.2014 with goal to compile all available data on this visionary and inventor who managed, while riding chariot under oil lamps, to dream about flying wireless machines and free world power supply. Just thinking about these far fetched futuristic inventions and wonders was great in its own right. But to acctually go and make most of them true is whole different ball park all together and as E. Armstrong said The world will wait a long time for Nikola Teslas equal in achievement and imagination.

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Tesla Motors!


tesla nikola quote future wil judge Since starting this page great web artist Oatmeal created this "why Nikola Tesla was greatest geek who ever lived" comic.
But also in 2012 this same artist led effort to save laboratory of our greatest man here.
On May 2nd, 2013 this effort managed to save what is left from site.
It is important to say that Elon Musk also donated to this effort marking change of direction for him and his company who since then did even more good deeds that would be probably liked by Nikola if he was around.

In June,2014 some of technology in use by its products was open sourced for benefit of all.
We support that and we will be following this further.
Also here you can find tesla motors company article about open sourcing its technology, Nikola Tesla agrees with this. Great job Elon.